At least it’s not another mummy blog

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against mummy bloggers. It builds a support network, passes on valuable information, and is an excellent release, a way to express and discuss the daily frustrations of being a new mother or mum-to-be. But things are a little thinner on the ground for dads, and so many articles are along the lines of: ‘Have you considered helping out by doing the dishes occasionally’, ‘Try asking your partner how she’s feeling’, and ‘You are aware everything’s going to change, right?’.

I can only assume that those articles get written, because there are some men that really need to be told, that they have to semi-patronisingly be goaded into showing an interest and making things easier for mum. Well, I don’t need to be told, I help out where I can , I keep myself as informed as possible, and a semi-patronising article telling me to maybe do the cooking once in a blue moon isn’t really relevant for me.

So here we are, London Daddy was born. I’m not a father yet, that’s still a little under 10 weeks away. But while this journey began six months ago, it starts online today.

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