Behold the power of modern ultrasound!

First off, allow me just to take a moment to gaze in awe at the perfection of what my daughter currently looks like in the womb!

This is by the power of one of the 4D HD scans provided by private clinics in the UK. They’re not offered by the NHS, as they provide no medical benefit, they’re expensive machines and way over the top for what the midwives and doctors need. But, for around £100 (shop around) you can get a wonderful scan that allows you a first look at your baby’s facial features. Why though? For bragging rights and posting on FB? Ye gods, no! (Please don’t do this, nobody else cares except your nearest and dearest, and it’s what they invented emails and WhatsApp groups for)

No, in my opinion, it’s a great asset for bonding with your baby; to see its face, in as much clarity as imaging science can provide. To see with your very eyes, ‘yes, this is ours, and she definitely looks like her mother, thank the gods’.

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