Breastfeeding Class

I had no idea what to expect from breastfeeding classes, other than the re-emphasis of the ‘breast is best’ mantra that, for good reason, is now the constant slogan. I hadn’t realised how rare breastfeeding used to be back when I was a bairn, I thought it was just my own mother being odd. But it turns out that she, for once, conformed to the majority opinion. Now though the pendulum has swung the other way, and the take-up rate of breast feeding in my area is over 90%, which is very impressive, especially when you take out those cases where it’s just not possible.

Considering this is one area where dads really can’t contribute too much, I really expected to be one of the few men present. Happily, this wasn’t the case, as the vast majority of mums had brought their partners. All seemed keen to participate, if not in the hands-on demonstration by way of a crocheted breast, then at least observing, and supporting. And, eventually, learning how to properly wind the baby after feeding.

The NHS has put together a great little pamphlet, the Dad’s Guide to Breastfeeding; do consider giving it a look!

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