33+3 or 46 days to go

Back in January, the due date seemed a lifetime away. My partner’s nausea was pretty much daily and constant and seemed interminable, the year stretching out ahead of us, filled with uncertainty, indigestion and endless days. Now though, it feels so different. We’re 33 weeks and 3 days in; there’s a maximum of 46 days to go as my partner won’t be allowed to go over her due date. So, in a maximum of six and a half weeks, she’ll be here with us. The pram has been bought, the cot is ready to be assembled, the baby bag is pretty much packed, gifts of clothes are piling up by the boatload, and a nursery has been chosen. All of us, baby included, feel almost ready for what’s about to happen. All except the dog, he’s as clueless about this as he is about most things.

Some will tell you that you’re never really ready, and that’s probably true; there are so many unknowns that you just can’t plan for. But because you can’t plan for them, we’ve mostly been focussing on dealing with the things that can be controlled. And, by that measure, we feel just about ready. All we have to do now, other than picking up a child seat for the car, is wait for the number of remaining days to continue shrinking, and hope for an easy birth.

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