Naming Conventions

Choosing a name is incredibly difficult, doubly so if you don’t know the sex of the child. Endless baby name books and online lists will tell you the most popular names, mythological names, seasonal names, names based on colours, feelings, royalty, celebrities or Game of Thrones. And that’s before you take into account family members you wish to honour, ignore or appease, and the fact that apparently half your friends are apparently called Emma or Matt.

Thankfully we were able to narrow the list by half, by knowing we were going to have a little girl. What a relief! We had a decent list of girls names potentials, but very little for boys! For some reason we just found boys names hard, they were either done-to-death boring (oh look, Harry, Oliver and Jack are still at the top of the popularity charts since about 1597), or hugely pretentious (apparently Marlowe and Tennyson fall into this category, which were my contributions).

Finding a name must be even harder for teachers. They’ll have heard every name under the sun, and will associate the face of a pupil with it, and their corresponding personality traits.

So we get asked a lot for the name(s) we have chosen, but aren’t revealing them to anyone. Partly because we don’t want anyone stealing them, and partly to give us cover to change our minds! It won’t be long now until everyone will know her name anyway!

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