In Praise of… The Kettle

Sure we owned a kettle, even used it semi-regularly. Tea, coffee, pre-boiling water for pasta, nothing out of the ordinary. But I don’t think I’ve used the kettle in the last year as much I have in the last 10 days! Obviously a huge uptick in caffeinated beverages, just to get us through the night feeds and the sleepy days. There are foods that are so much simpler when they simply involve pouring hot water on things rather than cooking a full meal. And then there are the baby bottles. The formula requires boiling water, then boiling water to sterilise the bottle and nipple, boiling water to bring the refrigerated formula back up to room temperature quicker, before her little ladyship has a full-on melt-down. Since we brought our daughter home, I don’t think our kettle has had a chance to cool down to room temperature once…

So, I’d like to praise this simple household convenience, and sleepily raise my coffee mug in salute to the humble kettle.

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