Understanding Your Baby – A Video Series

All the antenatal classes in the world can’t really adequately prepare you for the difficulties of those early days. But there are plenty of sources of help and information. We’ve had some success by contacting someone via the local Children’s Centre, which I’d certainly advise. One recommendation that came from that was this video series about understanding your baby, created by the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. They haven’t created it as a playlist and the links between videos don’t really work well, but it’s a good series to start us off. I’ll link them all below. They’re only short so can be consumed piecemeal.

Chapter 1: Attachment and Bonding

Chapter 2: Baby Brain Development

Chapter 3: Building A Relationship

Chapter 4: Baby States

Chapter 5: Soothing a crying baby

Chapter 6: Playing and talking with your baby

Chapter 7: Baby time out signs

Chapter 8: Feeding your baby

Chapter 9: Coping when things are difficult

Chapter 10: Having a sick baby

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