Naming Conventions – Part 2

So, when I last spoke about naming conventions, it was pre-birth and there’s always an element of doubt. You might have a name, or a shortlist of names, fixed in your mind, but then reality is a very different thing. The name(s) you pick will be attached to your little one for life, or until they change it by deed poll. I’ve heard plenty stories of parents changing their mind on names, or waiting for weeks after birth to settle on a name. Thankfully, we were lucky. We had a clear frontrunner for weeks, and there was nothing that made us change our mind.

Welcome to the world, Elodie! Now we just have to figure out how to get your grandparents to learn how to say the name…

Registering the birth

While this should be fairly straightforward, there are a few things to remember: If you’re not married, it’s best, if you can, to have both parents present. Don’t forget to bring passports and a proof of address. That’s about it.

The one thing I was a little concerned about was that we wanted a double-barrelled surname for Elodie, an amalgamation of mum’s surname and mine. Thankfully this wasn’t problematic at all, as far as the registry office was concerned. I have heard tell that there may be issues in future, in that mum, baby and I all have different surnames, but that’s a temporary situation…

Yes, you may buy a hat.

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