“Simply” Cook

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, right up front, that I really should have read the details of what I was buying. But, if the offer is being marketed to new parents, surely there’s got to be an assumption that I’m too tired to think, never mind read, comprehend and act on said information?

Simply Cook markets itself, alongside HelloFresh and Gousto, as a meal delivery service. A boon, I thought, in these busy early days when cooking is harder because of the above alluded-to cognitive failures.

What I was expecting was a box of ingredients with which to make tasty meals. What I should have noticed was that SimplyCook wasn’t billed as a meal delivery service, but a recipe delivery service. Each delivery, costing £20 or so, contains four recipe cards and three little pots of spice blends per dish to help you make the meal. Spices I probably already had in the cupboard, but temporarily lack the nous to assemble into food. 

This will then mean a separate shopping trip to buy ingredients, which will mean leaving the house, potentially with a baby in tow. They do have a link with Ocado to help you buy all the ingredients you need, but by this point these ‘simple’ meals have become expensive as well as complex. And I’m strictly on a Lidl budget these days. 

I don’t doubt that there’s a great market niche for SimplyCook. But for new parents trying to make their life a little easier whilst adjusting to a new tiny human in their midst? Not so much. 

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