In Praise of… The Sling

I’d long been a theoretical convert to the idea of carry our daughter around in a sling, rather than fighting for space on pavements and public transport with a pram, and a trip to a sling library at a local children’s centre only solidified that. However, the theory in no way prepared me for how amazing it is. While there are many kinds of slings, I use a simple wrap sling, essentially about 2 miles of cloth wrapped around you and baby. It take some help to figure them out initially, but with some help it’s an absolute doddle to put on, put baby in, and get on with your day. I’ll have to change the type of sling when she’s around 6 months old, but a wrap sling can be used from birth.

What are the advantages?

  1. Having both hands free. Whether to do something around the house, cook a meal, walk the dog, or update your blog.
  2. YMMV, but Elodie drops to sleep instantly when she’s in the sling. If she’s in full meltdown, it might take two or three minutes of walking about and singing to her, but even then: Zonko. From crisis to coma in less time than it takes to make a decent cup of coffee, and now you might even get to enjoy it while it’s still hot.
  3. Prams on public transport are a nightmare. If there’s space amidst the people, the allocated space is primarily for wheelchair users. No such problem exists with a sling and, bonus, someone’s bound to offer you a seat.
  4. It’s a great bonding exercise for you and the baby, who enjoys your smell, warmth and heartbeat.
  5. It’s great exercise in general.

I can’t emphasise enough the feeling of calm and safety. Our daughter is calm, I know exactly what’s going on with her and her needs, mum gets to have some rest and I can do some long overdue chores. And it feels like the whole house relaxes.

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