Recipe: Cold Brew Coffee

My last post was a bit of a rambling cavalcade of emotions, but on to more practical matters: staying awake. Sure, there are all the usual options: cups of tea or coffee. But, those are inevitably cold by the time you get to them, and when they are they’re disgusting. So, why not cut out the middleman of boiling the kettle in the first place? Bask in the glory of cold brew coffee.

sandow's coldbrew coffee

Sandow’s makes an excellent off-the-shelf or in your local cafe product. But why not make it yourself at home? All you need is some good quality ground coffee, cold water, a receptacle like a flask, and a coffee brewing device. As to the latter, I use an Aeropress which I’ve found to be easily the best maker of coffee. However, they can sometimes be fiddly, and will only do one cup of coffee at a time. You can also use a standard cafetière (French Press) or pour over coffee maker.

The process is simple:

  • Use one and a half times as much ground coffee as you normally would
  • Add cold water until the ground are just covered
  • Stir thoroughly for around 30 seconds, which releases important oils
  • Add the rest of the cold water to make the quantity you need
  • Stir very thoroughly, every minute
  • Allow to steep for twice as long as you would for hot coffee
  • Plunge the coffee, pour it int your flask, jar or bottle, and refrigerate
  • Serve with ice, or just swig it straight from the fridge for an instant pick-me-up.

And there you go: Easy, chilled rocket fuel. Perfect for when your tiny delight is desperate for something, but you’re too bleary-eyed to work out what it is yet…

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