Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, I’m not American, but people forget that Thanksgiving is the last of the harvest festivals, stemming from a time when giving thanks for a harvest was literally a gratitude for survival. Hence the feasting, from Lammas in the late summer to Thanksgiving in late November. And while our own bounty has been distracting me from writing about it, I do have a lot to be thankful for.

Thankful for my ever-loving partner, all she does and all she is.

Thankful for my extended family, and my friends who support us.

Thankful for finding my true self.

And, of course, most thankful for our little bundle of endless joy. Even when she’s robbing us of sleep, we couldn’t be luckier or happier to have her in our lives. And for that we give thanks.

And pie! I give pumpkin pie!

I essentially use the recipe from Libby’s Canned Pumpkin and it works every time. A few notes though:

  • Don’t bother using fresh pumpkin, it’s more effort than it’s worth. But don’t cheap out on the canned stuff, Libby’s is great.
  • You can buy a shortcrust pie shell to save yourself a lot of stress. This year I used pre-made sweetened shortcrust pastry; it worked, but not perfectly, pastry doesn’t come easily to me.
  • Instead of the separate ginger, cinnamon and cloves, just use a tablespoon of mixed spice.
  • Consider going 50/50 granulated (caster) sugar and muscovado sugar.

That’s it! Enjoy! And… thanks.

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