Baby’s First Christmas

Let’s be honest, a tiny of baby four months has no idea Christmas is happening. At best, they might see that their routine is disrupted as all the other home occupants get caught up in a fury of excitement and indulgence. There might even be guests, or travelling, resulting in the inevitable infant pass-the-parcel as one relative, friend or random passer-by after another demands ‘cuddles’, which seems to be code for ‘being vomited on’. All those visitors, as well as any children they’ve brought with them, have a chance of spreading their snots and lurgies to your little family unit, shattering what semblance of bliss you’ve managed to claw from in amongst the tiredness.

And yet…

Christmas is just better with a little one in your family, a little creature who wasn’t there before, that looks to you for everything; a little being that has no idea what’s going on, but having them there just makes Christmas more… Christmas.

There’s something quite joyous about opening up all these baby gifts, thoughtfully chosen by the diaspora of your extended family. Christmas becomes even more about the family, and less (if it ever was) about the individual. It’s even more about the joys you share; it’s about the little memento mori, like the special tree ornaments marking the occasion; it’s about the ridiculous outfit you put the baby in, whether Christmas pudding, reindeer or elf. It’s a totally new experience, and one that I’ll look back on with delight.

But, because of all those visits I’ve alluded to in the first paragraph, I’d suggest you follow a few guidelines for your guests.