To The Shires

According to Instagram, I’ve been gone for about three months now, from this account, from this online identity. In that timeframe, there have been office moves, work stress, and all the pressure on a family that a house move can bring. That barely scrapes the murky barrel of anguish and crisis of the last three months, but it’s all I’ve got for you just now I’m afraid.

So now, in negation of my London Daddy identity, we’re out in the English Shires. Land of open space, cheaper houses, reduced crime, and endless pubs. Not that I ever struggled for pubs, or crime for that matter, back in West London, but space was the big issue. A two-bedroom flat can be small for two big personalities, and it’s positively minuscule with four of them.

We’ve had nursery dramas, from tears at the departure from one, to tears at the arrival of another. Then more tears trying to get to and from this new nursery, down country roads where giant SUV/tanks would insist on driving 2 inches from your rear bumper if you didn’t hurtle around blind corners at 60mph. To then yet more tears at the cost of removing Elodie from one nursery early, to settle her into a third new nursery in a month. Thankfully that’s all settled now, and there are far less tears.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs might have it’s limitations (does Wifi fit into ‘Physiological Needs’?), but we’ve spent quite a bit of time in the bottom half of the pyramid. It’s left no time for anything else, outside of the home, outside of the self.

We’re still not quite there. Just because there’s a rapprochement within the realm of ‘self actualisation’, there’s a lot to do amongst the Esteem needs. But we’re taking one day at a time.

And a misnomer or not, London Daddy is back.

Montessori and pre-birth nursery registration

I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a shock when a friend suggested that we needed to register our baby at a nursery pre-birth. I can see how it would be the case in some areas, with the best places heavily over-subscribed, but I just didn’t think that’d be the case where we live. However, we did make some enquiries, and I’m glad we did. While most places around us didn’t require absurdly early pre-registration, the local Montessori nursery had a limit on how many under-one year olds they would take a time.

Montessori education is aimed at young children, pre-school and is en education philosophy based around allowing children to develop according to to their own paths, emphasising concepts such as socialisation, acquisition of language, sensory refinement, psychological self-construction and building functional independence.

But, more importantly, when we walked into the nursery, it was a place of calm. Despite several ages of children all eating and playing in the same area, the children seemed happy, content and devoted to their carers. Even if I didn’t already believe in the educational philosophy, this would have swung things heavily in the Montessori direction. And the best bit? It was actually, for some reason, less expensive that other local nursery placements. Needless to say, we pre-registered as soon as we could.

Not everyone needs or wants Montessori education, and I can imagine in some areas it’s not always available, or the cheapest option. But one piece of advice I would give, is asking around the local nurseries, booking a visit, and finding out what the situation is. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the best option require registration pre-birth.