Get In My Mouth – Weaning and the hungry baby

So we had a clear plan for weaning, from following books and online advice: From four months onwards, we’d give Elodie little tastes of vegetables, but she probably wouldn’t take to it until she was six months old. She seemed to like the puréed butternut squash I made for her, but we didn’t think too much of it. However, we weren’t quite explicit with the nursery when we told them Elodie had started weaning. They took it to mean that she was okay with all vegetable purées and just fed her (in addition to milk) twice every day. It turns out, Elodie will eat pretty much anything. Eagerly, hungrily, and messily. Butternut squash, peas, parsnips, she can’t get enough of them. I end up making batches, or buying off-the-shelf products due to time constraints, and then freezing the leftovers in a silicone ice cube tray. She’ll easily polish off three cubes in a sitting, the little piglet!

‘Baby-led weaning’ hasn’t been as much of a success. We’ll give her avocado or carrot sticks to hold, and she’ll stick them in her mouth. But shortly after she’ll just discard them, bored. Maybe in time.

We’ve decided, at this stage, to stay away from fruits, to get her used to savoury flavours while she can. She seems to like it, even the puréed peas, which taste too bitter even for me! We have been warned that this ravenous baby may yet turn into a fussy eater in the future, that you can’t predict future behaviours. But for now we’re enjoying her enjoyment of food.